Welcome to Monya’s Lens

Welcome to Monya’s Lens

Welcome! I’m what some might call a Modern-Day Renaissance Woman!  I am interested in and know a little about a lot of things.  I have a very curious and investigative mind.  I lose track of time when researching information.  I’ve also been accused of asking the tough questions people prefer not to answer or hadn’t thought about.

While I am inquisitive about most things, my propensity is towards arts and culture, food, travel, and DIY.  I also have this slight obsession with the printed word, so all things books and magazines!  And I’m an avid fan of all things NPR and some PBS programming. 

Academically, I hold degrees in Psychology and Computer Information Systems (Programming). 

Additionally, I’m extensively trained and experienced in spiritual or biblical counseling and life coaching.  I’m also a lifelong volunteer and advocate for social justice.

I said all that to give you an idea as to what you’ll likely find on my blog and/or other social media platforms.  You’ll encounter a very eclectic mix of just about anything.

Monya's Lens-Inquire-Inform-Inspire-Imagine-Faith-ThriveMonya’s Lens is about life through my lens – my perspective, both interpretively and literally (my own photos).  With that being said, I will be intentionally highlighting black businesses, authors, and news stories.  But this will not be to the exclusion of other businesses, authors, or news. I’m an equal opportunity gatherer and sharer of information!

However, because I understand representation matters, and recognizing people like me are not always visible or presented in the best way, here’s my one way of impacting the narrative.

I hope you’ll stop by again and discover something new or interesting that will positively influence your world!

~Monya MJ
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Inquire. Inform. Inspire

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