About Me



I’ve always been the quiet, unassuming one in the room observing and listening to everything. The one with the inquisitive mind who enjoys sharing information about her discoveries.  The woman who aspires to create a safe space for others to share and learn.

One day I noticed I was the ‘go-to girl’  for a good place to eat or the happenings in town.  Eventually, I started organizing movie and/or theater outings, book clubs, and safe table talk socials at my home.

I also planned weekend getaways for my circle of friends or other small groups.

In the midst of being that person, I also discovered a love for taking pictures.  Monya-lens-inquire-inform-inspire-thrive

Monya’s Lens is sort of birthed out of those things and much more.

I’m a licensed real estate broker, content creator, freelancer, DIY’er, jewelry designer, advocate, foodie, bibliophile, and encourager.  

I tend to be a bit of a stickler when it comes to presentation (in the giving of gifts and the plating of food). I also happen to have this slight penchant for the Investigation Discovery (ID) channel. Just sayin’.

I’m a native of Atlanta, GA currently living in the Triangle area of NC (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill).

Well, that’s just a little insight into who’s behind this website – this lens

Here’s hoping you’ll not only stick around but engage as well.

~Monya MJ
A Renaissance Woman

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